Falling of the Wagon

Honesty time.

So, I juiced — with only lunch everyday — for three days. It was difficult because I really only enjoyed the fruit juices. I have a killer sweet tooth. And the fruit juices left me with mouth sores. I guess I overdid them. 

I went to Nashville Friday to see a friend open for Phil Wickham, so I decided it would be too difficult to juice while away from home. Plus I was really missing chewing. I have to admit I indulged in a vegetarian Chipotle burrito. And it was so delicious. Since then I’ve been craving guacamole in addition to all the sweets I usually want. 

I am still trying to focus on eating whole foods during my meals. I’ll admit I am definitely still trying to cook that way successfully. I think I did not realize at the beginning of this lifestyle change how difficult it would be to change my cooking style. But at least I’m trying to take a step forward, right?

If you have any really great whole food or raw recipes, fill me in! I think I may just not have found my place in this new little food world. I’m willing to accept all the help I can get!

Hugs and high fives,


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