The Juicer Wait is Over

Finally! I have been holding back all this foodie enthusiasm for the one major tool I lacked — a juicer.

After waiting days and days, I finally drove over to the Post Office… where my beautiful machine has been sitting since last Thursday. But, alas, enough of that endeavor. I am just so thrilled it is here.

In case you were wondering (especially since I have yet to say anything about it) my diet during the next several days is going to follow a plan that complements the documentary Food Matters. That means it’s mostly juice, with some rice midday. But don’t worry, this change isn’t forever. It’s just a cleanse, a jumpstart per se. I’ve got to get all that gunk out of my body, and make it a clean slate for the new way I’m going to to treat it. Which, yes, is going to include so many more vegetables.

I must stress. I’m not going on a diet, but am instead changing my diet. It may not seem likt a big difference, but this is the beginning of a new lifestyle.

I plan to expound on this later, but here are my basic reasons for juicing.

1. Energy levels: Basically, I’m tired of being tired.

2. Outward health: Having always struggled with acne, I’m looking forward to seeing if changing what goes into my gut can really clear up my face.

3. Health issues: While I have no major problems, there is quite a bit of diabetes, heart disease and cancer in my family line.

4. Weight loss: This one is last for a reason. It’s not my main goal, but let’s just say it sure would be nice to drop a little of the extra weight I’ve gained since grabbing my diploma in May.

This isn’t a fad — I’m hoping. I really am aiming to take care of this body that had been given to me and well as the gift of this dear planet of ours. Join me over the next few days to see how this little adventure goes. It’s going to be all honesty. Fogginess, cravings and then hopefully some clarity.

Hugs and high fives,

(PS: If you’d like to watch Food Matters, you should check it out on Netflix! You can — and should — watch it instantly.)


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