Falling of the Wagon

Honesty time.

So, I juiced — with only lunch everyday — for three days. It was difficult because I really only enjoyed the fruit juices. I have a killer sweet tooth. And the fruit juices left me with mouth sores. I guess I overdid them. 

I went to Nashville Friday to see a friend open for Phil Wickham, so I decided it would be too difficult to juice while away from home. Plus I was really missing chewing. I have to admit I indulged in a vegetarian Chipotle burrito. And it was so delicious. Since then I’ve been craving guacamole in addition to all the sweets I usually want. 

I am still trying to focus on eating whole foods during my meals. I’ll admit I am definitely still trying to cook that way successfully. I think I did not realize at the beginning of this lifestyle change how difficult it would be to change my cooking style. But at least I’m trying to take a step forward, right?

If you have any really great whole food or raw recipes, fill me in! I think I may just not have found my place in this new little food world. I’m willing to accept all the help I can get!

Hugs and high fives,


Juicing Day Three: Pineapple is My Friend


I’ve had a few unsuccessful juices in this process. But this morning, I think I have found my favorite! It’s that green delight you see above — which I’ll even give you the recipe for in a minute.  Let’s just say I’m quite the pineapple fan now.

I have to be honest and say I might be returning to real (mostly whole!) foods tomorrow. Just juicing has been a little difficult and takes so much more time than I thought it would. I also have some mouth issues since I had a lot of citrus this morning. I still plan to have a juice everyday, but I am looking forward to chewing more than just at lunch. But this is a process, a gradual change, right?

Plus, I’m taking a road trip to Nashville tomorrow, and I don’t think just juicing is practical in that situation. 

Without further ado, here is my tasty new favorite juice recipe:

Chartreuse Juice
-1/2 pineapple (mine was already pre-cored and cut from the store, so it might be a little less if you have a whole pineapple)
-2 oranges
-handful of spinach

Hugs and high fives,

Juicing Day Two: Keep on Keepin’ On


As expected today was filled with ups and downs. I actually felt rather energized throughout the morning. And this evening (read right this very minute) I’m struggling. I would so love a hamburger, a pizza or even just a spoonful of nutella.

I must admit I’m not 100 percent juicing. I do eat lunch, but it’s from whole foods — mostly vegetables with a little bit of grain. Today’s lunch was just delicious. It’s strange how going without oils and fatty things for just a few days can affect your taste buds. The dressing for the salad (which the recipe for is below) had olive oil in it. For the first time I could really taste the olive-y taste. It just jumped out at me. And was oh so good. Really tasting things for the first time is such a thrill! It helps me get through my unfortunate juice blends I sometimes create.

Now for that recipe:

Super Tasty Salad
-1/2 cucumber
-1 tomato
-about 1/2 cup quinoa
-1/3 cup olive oil (for dressing)
-3 tbsp lemon juice
-1 tsp honey

Cook quinoa according to package directions. It takes about half an hour. Chop the cucumber and tomato. Toss the vegetables.

For the dressing, combine all three ingredients and shake/stir depending on your container. I used about half of the dressing for my salad, so keep the rest in an airtight container. I used fresh lemon juice so I don’t think it will keep too incredibly long.

Pour dressing over salad. Toss and enjoy!

Hugs and high fives,

(PS: I’m not sure how long this juicing thing will go on. Part of me is thinking 3 days, another says 7. Any thoughts? And once this little experiment is through it’s time for some whole food cooking!)

Juicing Day One: Beets Are Awful

Grapefruit Juice

So I couldn’t wait to start juicing once I got my juicer yesterday afternoon. I am now 24 hours into this little experiment of mine. And I’m tired and a little foggy.

I must first admit that I do work strange hours most days — 5 a.m. to 9 a.m. So I’m tired and foggy a lot of the time. But today, after walking in my room eating my small vegetable and grain meal (as suggested by the Food Matters plan) I immediately fell asleep on my bumpy futon. After doing some reading, feeling like this seems like normal fare.

Let’s just say I’m ready to get used to juicing and benefit from all the clarity I keep hearing about.

Also, I learned this morning that I cannot stand the taste of beets. I promise I’m not a complainer but I couldn’t force myself to finish the beautiful fuchsia juice. I am ready for an alternative breakfast juice for tomorrow! I’m thinking something with an apple and some spinach?

Before I go back to dreaming up new juice ideas, I thought I’d send you to one of my new foodie pals blog, 20 Something Wannabe Vegan. She’s on a similar journey of taking better care of these bodies that have been given to us. You should go and give her a pat on the back! It’s a big step. Believe me, I know.

Hugs and high fives,

My First Juice

Screen Shot 2013-01-07 at 3.32.31 PM


I couldn’t help but share my very first juice. It’s a delightful blast of honey crisp apples, some carrots and a tiny bit of ginger.

Also, who knew vegetables could make such tasty rich foam?

Hugs and high fives,

The Juicer Wait is Over

Finally! I have been holding back all this foodie enthusiasm for the one major tool I lacked — a juicer.

After waiting days and days, I finally drove over to the Post Office… where my beautiful machine has been sitting since last Thursday. But, alas, enough of that endeavor. I am just so thrilled it is here.

In case you were wondering (especially since I have yet to say anything about it) my diet during the next several days is going to follow a plan that complements the documentary Food Matters. That means it’s mostly juice, with some rice midday. But don’t worry, this change isn’t forever. It’s just a cleanse, a jumpstart per se. I’ve got to get all that gunk out of my body, and make it a clean slate for the new way I’m going to to treat it. Which, yes, is going to include so many more vegetables.

I must stress. I’m not going on a diet, but am instead changing my diet. It may not seem likt a big difference, but this is the beginning of a new lifestyle.

I plan to expound on this later, but here are my basic reasons for juicing.

1. Energy levels: Basically, I’m tired of being tired.

2. Outward health: Having always struggled with acne, I’m looking forward to seeing if changing what goes into my gut can really clear up my face.

3. Health issues: While I have no major problems, there is quite a bit of diabetes, heart disease and cancer in my family line.

4. Weight loss: This one is last for a reason. It’s not my main goal, but let’s just say it sure would be nice to drop a little of the extra weight I’ve gained since grabbing my diploma in May.

This isn’t a fad — I’m hoping. I really am aiming to take care of this body that had been given to me and well as the gift of this dear planet of ours. Join me over the next few days to see how this little adventure goes. It’s going to be all honesty. Fogginess, cravings and then hopefully some clarity.

Hugs and high fives,

(PS: If you’d like to watch Food Matters, you should check it out on Netflix! You can — and should — watch it instantly.)

Now How Did All This Start?

It started with a book and a friend, like many things do.

I was about to graduate, and since I luckily picked one of the few majors that had no massive end of course project, I decided to treat myself. The treat: a book by this man named Michael Pollan.

I’d been perusing the web like most collegiate procrastinators do in the weeks leading up to my final finals, when I stumbled upon a no waste family. What a thought — no trash to take out, no smells hovering in the kitchen. And in typical fashion I opened more than a handful of links from this spartan family, one of which belonged to a journalist by the name of Michael Pollan. I, of course, had to read a couple of his pieces, especially since we would soon belong to the same trade.

After losing more than a couple of half hours to this man and his words about farms and food and family wisdom, I decided to take a trip the next morning to my school’s library just to see if I could pick up a bound copy of his thoughts. And sure enough, my small private school’s library had one copy of his latest bestseller, The Omnivore’s Dilemma.

Little did I know the last week or so of my college would be consumed with reading about corn and beef and how our land should really be treated. Thankfully, I had a friend — an RA even — who had spent the last year or so thinking about concepts like sustainability and farming and community. The saddest part about this story, I only had a couple weeks to join her in her composting adventure (which happens to continue on our campus to this day, thanks to her carving out a place for herself on the university’s staff. You’re a dream, Cari.)

So now I’ve begun my own pile in her honor at my first little home as I continue to dig into what food really should look, feel and taste like. This is the beginning of my food fascination.

Hugs and high fives,